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Hi, Im Andi, the sweet little bratty Princess thats going to stop you inyour tracks. Im sweet, but with a wild imagination and a wicked body thatI just love to use against you. Playfully teasing you into giving in to ALLof my wicked desires, I enjoy being pampered and spoiled by all the men inmy life.

Men are fascinating, and I enjoy getting to know each of them personally learning how to wrap you around my finger so I can take full advantage ofyou, giving you little tastes of your Princess along the way so you stayfirmly in your place. Whether Im teasing you as you edge, or making fun ofyour humiliating desire to watch me with a real man, its all fun for me!

Sissies, cuckolds, strokers and losers have all found themselves on theirknees in front of me with the same words on their lips.

Please, Princess Andi Ill do ANTYHING you tell me!

Do you have what it takes to handle my teasing ways?