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How will you lust for me??? Let me count the many ways...

I've been told that I am sweet and sexy, sensual and playful, witty and sharp, kinky and nasty! I am also an intelligent, articulate, and creative woman. You will be captivated by my voice, it's sexiness, it's cadence, it's tone. I will whisper your name and forever more Mandy will linger in your head, the big one AND the small. It is then that you will want me madly, and soon enough...want will turn to need and need will become addiction. Yes, it is true; I will be your new addiction, your wonderful little Mandy addiction.

Your cock will stiffen in the morning as you think about me... at lunch after your long morning meeting has drawn to a close... as you drive home from the office and can't resist a teasing stroke or you lay your head down on the pillow after a very long day desperately wishing, wanting, needing your Mandy fix! If only for a moment. Yes, I am very real and very powerful. I am your new addiction, your wonderful little Mandy addiction.

I will listen very carefully to what you say AND what you don't. I will get to know you very well. I want to intimately know your wants, your needs, your desires, and your cravings! And in turn I will love sharing mine. Trust to me...cum with me...I want to dive deep into your uncharted fantasies. It will be SO hot, SO exciting and SO much fun to explore them together!

Mandy says...cum out and play!!!





$ per minute, minimum of 10 minutes billed to your credit card** – 18+

**If you have ANY questions at all regarding your charges, or if you think you have been charged incorrectly, please call (800) 375-0207 or email us at and a member of management will assist you.



The Enchantrix Phone Sex Experience


by Ms. Constance of

Welcome to the Enchantrix Phone Sex Experience! You have found this site because you are looking for something different, something new and not just the same old phone sex moan and groan experience you may have encountered in the past.

At Enchantrix, we encourage exploration of fantasies in a safe and secure way where we strive to make your phone sex experiences with our enchantrices the very best it can be. We do not just offer amazing, mind blowing phone sex, but we offer you a safe place to find others who enjoy your fantasy and your kinks.

The erotic entertainers at Enchantrix are the best in the business and we strive to only allow the best to join our group. You will not find a “moan and groan” woman on the other end of your phone; instead you will encounter sexy women with the intelligence and experience to help your phone fantasy come to life.


Why Phone Sex, Why Enchantrix?


Phone Sex exploration can help you in many ways and finding the right woman to talk to is very important. We have several sites that allow you to interact directly with the Enchantrix you are interested in, such as our adult social network site, and our adult chat room. We even have live weekly radio shows for you to tune in and enjoy, and when there is not a live show on our adult erotic radio station plays hundreds of erotic audios for you to enjoy.

When the Enchantrix of your choice answers your call, you will find a friendly sexy voice on the other end, ready to fulfill your fantasy. We pride ourselves on realizing not every caller is the same and treat each and every caller how they choose to be treated. We are well aware that not every phone sex caller is looking for the same thing; even if they have a common interest, every caller is unique and their fantasies are unique to their specific needs. We get that!

Explore your favorite kink or long time fantasy with an Enchantrix Mistress and find yourself experiencing a full and rich phone sex experience unlike any other service out there. We strive for perfection and if we do not meet your expectations we have a full staff of customer service experts ready to make it right for you.


Phone Sex at it’s Finest


Forget everything you have ever thought or known about phone sex because here at Enchantrix we can show you how real and personal it can truly be. Share your fantasy with one of our erotic entertainers and let her spin a sexy role play or direct your masturbation, taking you to the most satisfying phone sex experience you could ever have.

We specialize in all types of phone sex from femdom to vanilla and nearly everything in-between. You can explore cuckolding or feminization, as well as just talk and share your day with an Enchantrix Mistress.

No matter what your erotic phone sex needs are, we have an intelligent experienced Enchantrix Mistress ready to take your call and open you up to the world of erotic intelligent phone sex.