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Tell me your fantasy. I am Ms. Delia, and I am an experienced Mistress with a natural talent for roleplay and kink. I specialize in cockteasing, cuckolding, feminization, and sensual-to-hardcore BDSM. I want to help make your every fantasy come true.

As your Mistress, I will guide you on a journey of pleasure. I'm a creative and imaginative storyteller, and I will use my seductive voice and vivid language to bring your deepest fantasies to life.

Do you dream of being seduced by the girl next door? Maybe you want to roleplay a giantess fantasy where I magically shrink you. Maybe you need a strict Mistress to punish you for slacking off at work. Or perhaps you crave pain? No matter what kind of fantasy you have, I can fulfill it.

A natural cocktease, I delight in making you edge and throb for me. I could tease you all day long! Are you a sexy stroker who likes to show off for me? I just love that! It makes my body flush and always gets me hot to hear or see a webcam show of you moaning and stroking just the way I like it.

I have lots of experience with cuckolding, so I understand the nuances of this type of roleplay and can help you get the most out of it. I love to talk about all of the roles a cuckold can play. I love to give advice. Let me help you become a better cuckold.

Perhaps you love to be dressed up and feminized. I can think of so many ways to make you pretty and more feminine than you ever thought possible, and I can turn you into the girl of your dreams. I would love to turn you more femme or even into a sissy!

I love BDSM sessions and am a skilled Mistress. I have the equipment and expertise needed to push your boundaries without causing any harm. I understand that every person's experience is unique, and I will customize the session to meet your individual needs.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of pleasure, I am here to make your fantasy a reality. I am a creative role player and a wonderfully descriptive storyteller!

Call me now to book a session and tell me your fantasy. It is so much better to share fantasies with me because I can make them better than you ever imagined!


What Makes an Enchantrix Mistress Special?

Here at  Enchantrix Empire, we like to think that we have the best group of talented femdoms and Mistresses in the entire world. Our standards are incredibly high when it comes to selecting a new Lady to join our company. We demand only the best from each of the beautiful and captivating women in our group.

Part of what makes the Empire such a sought after femdom phone sex company is our group of women.  We are so very proud to call ourselves the Enchantrix Mistresses. So what makes an Enchantrix Mistress so special, anyway?

From Education to Conversational Skills, the Ladies of the Empire Are Top Tier.

No matter what your personal turn-on or fetish is, you’ll find a Mistress who understands and enjoys the same things you do! For example, are you into being dressed up like a sissy and used to service your Mistress’s strap-on? We have the best strap-on femdoms anywhere!

How about a little cocksucking and cum eating fetish? Oh boy, are you in luck.  Or, instead, need someone to take control of you and your cock? To direct your masturbation and basically tease you until you can’t take it? Call us.

The Enchantrix Mistresses are all well versed in a wide array of fetishes and bdsm scenarios, and can help you bring your fantasies to life. On the other hand, want to chat with an enchanting Lady on non-sexual matters? You’ll find the Ladies of the Empire well educated, verbose, and with excellent conversational abilities on a wide range of topics.

How Do You Choose an Enchantrix Mistress to Talk With You?!

You can use our Mistress Recommendation service to be matched up with a short list of Ladies who meet your specific interests and desires.  Or you can ask our lovely Enchantrix dispatchers to help you pick from the available ladies when you call.

For the truly adventurous,  you could attempt to go through the entire company, alphabetically.  Unquestionably prove that you have the stamina and endurance needed to test out each Mistress, one by one.  You’re sure to find the absolutely perfect fit for your fetish desires.

You can email any of the Ladies by putting her first name in front of “”  Then ask all the dirty questions and naughty queries you feel necessary before any call or session.

What to Do if You Can’t Call One of the Femdoms of the Empire?

Simple.  You text with us! We offer text based erotic sessions exploring all of your naughty desires in a wide array of formats. Whether you prefer Skype, email, or Discord for your dirty text chat sessions, we can accommodate you!

The Ladies love to keep up to date on modern social media, too, so you’ll find us on X (Twitter), if you’d like your dirty chat in 280 characters or less. You may be amazed at how few words we need to drive you to the edge, and then keep you there.

There are a number of Ladies who also offer email packages, so that you can get your fetish on from your own inbox.  Ask any of the Enchantrix Mistresses if they can help you out with emails full of instructions, advice, and training.

What’s Even Better Than One Femdom?

Two or more femdoms, of course! If one is awesome, obviously two is mind blowing. Ask your Enchantrix Mistress to help you magnify your session.  Get ready to really drive yourself to the edge and beyond by adding more femdom dominatrix Mistresses to your call or chat. Ever been tag teamed by two sexy women at once? You’ll love it, and we guarantee it, too.

Didn’t know that, did you? That’s right, we guarantee that the Ladies of the Empire are so damn good at what we do that we’ll give you your money back if you don’t have a good time with us.

We’re that damn good.  And that certain that we’re good. After all, what makes the Enchantrix Mistresses so special? Our skills. We dare you to call us and find out for yourself.