Are You More Submissive or Dominant?


If you are new to the world of BDSM, you might be wondering whether you’d better enjoy being submissive or dominant. Perhaps you’re not sure yet, as you have not experienced anything but “vanilla” type sex.  However, the thought of someone dominating you, or of you dominating someone else, is intriguing.

You might actually enjoy both, and be known as what is called a switch. You probably already know if you are already naturally submissive or naturally dominant in your everyday life. That doesn’t necessarily mean, though, you’ll be the same way in D/s. Here are some indicators of whether or not you are more submissive or more dominant.  All do not have to apply to qualify you as submissive or dominant, just one.

Do You Prefer to Take Charge in the Bedroom?

If you like the thought of calling the shots in the bedroom, and the idea of being served appeals to you – you are more dominant. If you fantasize about someone telling you what to do in the bedroom (such as getting in a certain position for sex) and you feel comfortable with the idea – you are probably more submissive.

Do You Enjoy A Woman Who Takes Charge?

If you fantasize about a woman putting you into bondage, feminizing you, using a strap on with you, taking control of your orgasms, or any number of things that involve a woman telling and/or coercing you into them, you are more submissive.

Are You More Concerned with Her Pleasure than Yours?

If being exposed and humiliated, and/or being used in any way that is strictly for her entertainment or pleasure, is a turn on for you, then you  probably are more submissive.

There Is No Right or Wrong: Do What’s Right for You!

If the idea of worshipping a person appeals to you, and relinquishing control is an escape or relaxing to you – you could be more submissive. However, if the idea of giving control to someone else makes you feel more tense and uncomfortable, then you are likely more dominant.

Dominance and submission can range from extreme to mild. You could be mildly submissive, or extremely so, and the same goes for dominance. It’s also possible to swing both ways.  And, of course, it’s possible to be strictly dominant or submissive.

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