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by Ms. Ryan on www.alphafemdomphonesex

There are a wide range of interests when it comes to Female Domination and male submission. Said interests sometimes lead one to explore things that others who might not be so very enamoured with subject might not ever get to. That's why, when subs come to me for advice, I almost always have an answer for them at the ready.

One of the most common things that I hear from advice-seeking men is that, while they're into certain activities, they don't have any idea what to do about toys and paraphernalia associated with their fetishes. Some just want advice on which websites are the most trustworthy places to buy from. Others want recommendations on exactly what they should buy. And then, there is that surprisingly large group of men who want to play but don't want to have actual sex toys, for whatever reason ... embarrassment, lack of opportunities to make purchases, fear of significant others discovering their toy stashes, etc.

The ones in the last group are the ones I want to talk about today.

These men usually want help by suggesting some sort of Do-It-Yourself toys that they can use to scratch their respective itches without having to actually own devices that are specifically intended to be sex toys. Unfortunately, I can't help some of these men. I can't in good conscience recommend, for example, something that could take the place of a dildo (aside from one's fingers). Some activities need specialized equipment, and anal play is, in fact, one of those activities.


Other men, however, can be helped. Suppose a man has a fetish for CBT (cock and ball torture), let's say. There are all kinds of toys and devices available with varying levels of implied sadism. But for the most part, these things are unnecessary unless a man simply has a thing for collecting sex toys. Regular household items or DIY toys work perfectly well as CBT implements. Many practitioners even prefer them!

There are the obvious things, of course, like shoestrings and hair ties for cock and ball bondage or the back of a hairbrush for spanking the family jewels. But then there are other, less obvious ones, too. A CBT enthusiast may try jerking off with something like Icy Hot or Tiger Balm instead of his usual lotion or lube. It creates quite an interesting effect, I'm told. He may also do something like alternating the application of warm candle wax and ice to his most sensitive parts, which results in some lovely homemade temperature play.

DIY Safety

If you're one of those men who, for whatever reason, doesn't want to have a sex toy collection, I hope I've shown you that it's entirely possible to accomplish that ... with some exceptions. The most important thing, though, is that you're careful and don't use something that will make you inadvertently injure yourself. (We've all heard those stories about the unfortunate souls who had to make an impromptu trip to the Emergency Room to get some foreign object removed from their arses.)

And of course, when in doubt, the very best thing to do is to ask for advice from someone who's knowledgeable when it comes to such matters. Someone like ... an experienced Femdom Mistress. And lucky you, you've now found yourself on a website that's full of them!

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