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Informational Essays and Erotic Stories - brought to you by Enchantrix Phone Sex

Are you considering calling an Enchantrix for the first time but aren't sure which phone sex mistress to select? Are you having a difficult time deciding which mistress may be right for you? Choosing the right phone sex mistress can help you make that decision.

If you aren't sure which Cock Control Enchantrix you'd like to call, you may want to listen to the Mistress Interviews.

Are you interested in calling a phone sex mistress but aren't sure what to expect or how your conversation will go? Read this essay on giving good phone.

Here are some more great tips on how to have a great first time phone sex call.

You finally broke down and purchased a chastity device, and you have a Chastity Mistress who is going to take control - so what kind of locks can you buy so you can honestly report to your Mistress you are still in chastity, and you feel secure in knowing you don’t have to mail the keys to her? You'll find the answer in this essay on chastity locks.

Are you interested in BDSM play but aren't sure whether you are a dominant or a submissive? Maybe you aren't sure what is involved with assuming either one of these roles. Read Are you More Submissive or More Dominant to find out.

Now that you have your chastity device, how long do you think you could endure chastity? Are you interested in short-term or long-term chastity? What is the difference? Take a look at a recent Chastity Poll to help you decide.

Do you know what bondage tape is? What could you do with it? How? And what for? The possibilities are limitless! If you are into bondage and love BDSM play, bondage tape is worth looking into as it’s inexpensive and versatile. Read more about the uses for bondage tape.

Are you obsessed with breasts? Do you receiving breat stimulation as much as giving? Then you'll want to read breast obession.

Is humiliation what you crave? You are not alone. Check out the results of a recent humiliation poll taken at our social network, Enchantrix Empire.

Are you interested in BDSM but don't want a lot of kinky toys laying around for easy discovery? Check out Ms. Ryan's DIY BDSM Toys article to learn how you can improvise.