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Touch is a very powerful thing for people in general. For example, a simple touch can signify acceptance, whereas the avoidance of touch often signals rejection. We use our hands to embrace one another. An embrace often implies fondness, caring, interest, or even love. We all use our hands to communicate. Our hands are involved in our work and our play. We can use our hands to relax our partners with a delicate, sensual massage. Hands can also manipulate, shape, and form. Our hands are for holding. Hands give, and hands take away. Continue reading Types Of Masturbation

My pet, j., has a foot fetish. A massive foot fetish, in fact. He became my foot slave a couple of years ago, and, since then, we’ve enjoyed different fetish scenarios together. We do love to enjoy a variety of masturbation fantasy role play scenarios together. Read Foot Fetish Masturbation Fantasy.

I feel that I’m just a regular guy. I teach undergraduate courses at a local university. My wife works there too, just in a different department. I have been happily married for five years. We still live in our small apartment because we haven’t gotten to a point, financially, where a bigger house is possible. I know that I should save the money I spend on sessions with my Mistress, but how can I give up something that brings me closer to myself and makes me a better husband? Read I Love Sucking Cock For My Mistress.

What We Love

One of the most wonderful things the internet has done is bring together those of us who have unusual or misunderstood fetishes. It has given us the opportunity to discuss and learn about what we love and why. A medical fetish is one of those things. For many people, hospitals and medical situations make them nervous and uncomfortable. But for those of us with what is known as a medical fetish, that’s not the case. Continue reading Do You Have A Medical Fetish?

A man’s interest in anal sex usually begins when he starts incorporating anal play into masturbation. From there, it gradually escalates. Once he’s able to take a finger or two into his ass, he starts using toys. Once toys are comfortable, he becomes interested in playing with a strap on Femdom. After strap on play becomes old hat, he starts craving…more. Read Anal Sex With Another Man.

When you have some fantasies about sucking cock, you might worry about whether or not those fantasies have deeper meaning! Does Sucking Cock For My Mistress Make Me Gay? But what if you’re a Closet Gay Cock Sucker?! When in doubt, ask your Mistress if you’re gay!

Are you a submissive alpha male? Then again, have you ever heard the term? What does that even mean? Ms. Daphne discusses this in Are You a Submissive Alpha Male?

First Times, How To’s, & What To Do’s

Are you considering calling an Enchantrix for the first time, but aren’t sure which phone sex mistress to select? Furthermore, are you having a difficult time deciding which mistress may be right for you? Choosing the right phone sex mistress can help you make that decision.

If you aren’t sure which Cock Control Enchantrix you’d like to call, you may want to listen to the Mistress Interviews, of course.

Are you interested in calling a phone sex mistress but aren’t sure what to expect or how your conversation will go? Read this essay on giving good phone.

Come on stroker, be honest with me and yourself. You love to masturbate. If you even think about your cock, or having sex, you are instantly hard. You love the way it feels to stroke. And all those erotic fantasies you play over and over in your head, while you are stroking, get you so excited. Keep reading to find out What Is A Masturbatrix

The fact that you are here reading this essay means that you masturbate. Or, at the very least, that you’ve touched yourself in a way that was sexually stimulating. Hence, you are curious as to whether it was actually masturbating. Many people are ashamed to admit they masturbate. Continue reading Do You Masturbate? 

You purchased a chastity device. Moreover, you have a Chastity Mistress who is going to take control. So what kind of locks can you buy so you can honestly report to your Mistress you are still in chastity? You want to feel secure knowing you don’t have to mail the keys to her. You’ll find the answer in this essay on chastity locks.

Did You Say Bondage Tape?

Are you interested in BDSM play but aren’t sure whether you are a dominant or a submissive?  Furthermore, you maybe aren’t sure what is involved with assuming either one of these roles. Read Are you More Submissive or More Dominant to find out.

Now that you have your chastity device, how long do you think you could endure chastity? Are you interested in short-term or long-term chastity? What is the difference? Take a look at a recent Chastity Poll to help you decide.

Do you know what bondage tape is? For instance, what could you do with it? How? And what for? The possibilities are limitless! If you are into bondage and love BDSM play, bondage tape is worth looking into as it’s inexpensive and versatile. Read more about the uses for bondage tape.

Obsessed With….

Are you obsessed with breasts? Do you enjoy receiving breast stimulation as much as giving it? Then you’ll want to read breast obsession.

Do you enjoy humiliation? Do you like to be called degrading names?  What’s more, have your name dragged through the mud in such a way that you feel flushed with eroticism and sheer humiliation? It seems you are not alone! Read about the results of a Humiliation Poll.

Femdom Mistresses specialize in all different kinds of things. They each have a fetish they love most of all.  Some say they do or don’t do some specific fetishes very well. I began looking for a Role Play Mistress, and luckily, a role play Mistress who loves role play agreed to answer some questions for me.  She offered to help me show you just how much fun she can be. Keep reading the Interview With A Role Play Mistress.

Stories, Do Tell

My husband and I have a wonderful marriage. We have plenty of money, a great home, and fantastic jobs. We work hard, but we also love to play hard, too… so to speak. We’ve done a variety of sexual antics to keep our marriage spicy and unique. Read Sensual Phone Sex: Roleplaying With My Husband.

I have a story to tell. I’m not sure if you’ll believe me. In fact, feel free to think it is just one of my sexual fantasies. Whether it is or not, I think it’s worth a few minutes of your time. I met a woman one night in New Orleans who changed my perception of reality.  Continue with Sexual Fantasies in New Orleans.

Sexy voices can kind of melt you, can’t they? I bet someone close to you, maybe a first crush, for instance, or a favorite teacher had a very sexy voice and you have always been partial to that ever since. Or, maybe you just like to hear naughty words in a very sweet, sexy tone? Whatever the reason, we can certainly help you with that. Keep reading What Would A Sexy Phone Sex Voice Do To You?

Healing Intimacy

Eroticism gets a very bad rap. Those of us who enjoy sexual play, off the beaten path, so to speak, often feel something is wrong with us. We feel we should be ashamed of our desires or high sexual appetites. Some of us may like things that society says we should not like, such as coerced-bi exploration, pain play, or humiliation. An erotic healer can work wonders for this unneeded mental torment. Keep reading Why Should I Call An Erotic Healer?

There is no faster or more lasting way to build intimacy between people than to put us into close proximity in a stressful situation. Our minds and hearts are simply designed to build close bonds between us. The more closely emotionally intimate we are with each other, the more likely we are to work together for our mutual survival.  And working with one another vastly increases our odds of survival. Read about Healing Sexual Trauma With Erotic Healing.

Are you interested in BDSM but don’t want a lot of kinky toys laying around for easy discovery? Check out Ms. Ryan’s DIY BDSM Toys article to learn how you can improvise.

Hotter Than Porn

I know that you are sitting there after reading the title of this and thinking “What?! Nothing is better than porn.” Just hear me out. Like most of you, I love porn and I’m always looking for something exciting and different. I want to tell you about erotic storytelling and how it stacks up against porn. Read Why Erotic Storytelling is Hotter Than Porn.

You’ve decided that you’re finally going to take the plunge and call a phone sex service. You’ve never done this before and despite your excitement, you’re nervous and don’t know what to do. The easiest way to think of a comfortable phone sex call is to treat it like any other private act you do. Continue reading How To Have The Most Comfortable Phone Sex Experience Ever.

We’ve all heard about how dangerous masturbation is, haven’t we? You know the stories, telling you to stop or you’ll go blind. Or grow hair on your palms, or even die of a heart attack if you do it too much! But what you don’t always hear is how great masturbation really is. And, of course, if masturbation is good for you, then so is phone sex! Read Why Are Masturbation and Phone Sex Good For You?

You’ve heard a lot about general role play and even played a few role play games in college. You know that it can be used in the sexual arena. You know you would, indeed, enjoy a role play phone sex session.  But you don’t really know how to go about setting it up. Continue reading Sexual Role Play Calls for tips!

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