2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+

Having the Best Phone Sex Session Ever

Welcome to LDW! We love to have new visitors to our Enchantrix Empire and look forward to talking to on the phone. Oh, but you are feeling a little nervous about that aren’t you? I bet you have thought about dialing a phone sex line (maybe even us specifically) for quite some time now. You’ve tossed the idea around, weighing what you’ve heard about it against what you hope will happen, maybe even taken cost and timing into account. Then there are those nerves that tell you the hot girl on the phone knows so much more about this than you do and you might be out of your league. But you want to have fun and you have finally worked up the courage to call - so now what?

You have lots of questions you didn’t realize you’d have. Is there a certain etiquette you should follow? Do you need a cam or toys or to be wearing something specific or nothing at all? What on earth do you talk about on phone sex calls? You know of course, you talk about sex! But what else? What if you are shy or not sure how to start the conversation? You can always just dial in and leave it to our phone sex experts who can coax it out of you, teasing and encouraging, or you can keep reading to make your conversation with your phone sex mistress one that both of you will love and remember!

Getting to Know Each Other

Let’s talk about beginning the call, this is the hardest part after all. Don’t worry for your first session about having toys or what you are wearing. Just get comfortable and bring whatever you feel like bringing. If I could suggest one thing, it would be lube, since you do plan to stroke, right? Everything else your Mistress will instruct you to have or do for next time. After all this is just the beginning of your amazing sexy relationship.

So when she answers the phone, don’t get too distracted by her sexy voice or erotic giggle. She wants to get to know you, so start off by introducing yourself. Remember we aren’t trying to make you talk longer or spend your money, we just want you to have the most amazing session ever and with that in mind, a little chit chat never hurt anyone. In fact, it might help both of your to relax (yes, Mistresses get nervous too on first time meetings – we are human after all), and it will give her some information she might need when you are getting to the sexual part of the conversation. You can say whatever you are comfortable with, and be as honest as you want to be. We don’t mind. You want to give her your first name (no, it does not have to be your real first name), your age and maybe even your hobbies, or what you like to do, where you live, something like that. You may find the two of you have a lot in common! You can also, always just let her know what you are interested in sexually, she’s happy to get right to the naughty stuff if you are!

Sexy Naughty Fun

Now on to the reason you called us! Once you get past those first few minutes of getting to know who you are speaking with, then, you can feel comfortable in getting to the sexy part of the conversation and talk about what really turns you on! You don’t ever have to worry about being judged or having one of our Mistresses tell you she doesn’t like your fantasy. We are incredibly open minded and if for some reason the Mistress doesn’t specialize in your particular fetish, she will help you meet someone who does. Though that is very rare!

So, you want to talk about what turns you on and really let her know what you like. We aren’t mind readers yet, so if there are certain words that really get you excited, don’t hesitate to tell us! It lets your phone sex Mistress know what will make the session amazing for you and keeps her from guessing and you not having a great time! If you like her to moan or may you enjoy being called names or want to worship a specific part of her body let her know. If humiliation is your thing, tell us or maybe you prefer guided masturbation games to a role play or vice versa, let her know! Keep in mind the woman on the other end of the line wants to enjoy herself and make you feel as though you make the right choice. So, the more details you are able to provide for her the more satisfying your phone sex call will be for both of you! And if you make her happy, she’ll remember you and look forward to the next one just like you will.