How Long Can You Be in Chastity?


Have you ever wondered how long you can be in chastity?

A poll on our social network, Enchantrix Empire asked how long guys could endure being locked in chastity. Being locked in chastity requires a solid commitment to cockcontrol; some are able to commit to it for various lengths of time and others are unable or unwilling to make that commitment.


Where Do You Fit In?


In the chastity poll, twenty percent said they could only endure locked cock control for about an hour before they would start going crazy, wanting to get unlocked so they could masturbate and ejaculate. Twenty-four percent voted that they could endure one week, but would want permission to cum if their Mistress granted it.

Eight percent reported they couuld handle being locked in chastity for up to two weeks, but would be probably be going crazy by that point! There were some really brave voters who said they could handle long-term chastity. Sixteen percent said they could handle a month, and twenty percent said they could handle how much ever time their Mistress gave them to be locked up! What a brave group of chastity lovers!


Getting Started with Chastity


If you are seriously thinking about being locked up, even for a short amount of time, you may be wondering how to get started, or what type of chastity device to purchase. The cb-3000 device is a very good place to start and you can purchase a set of numbered locks to go with it.

Once you receive your device, try it on, see how it fits and how comfortable it is (or isn’t) and try to get a general idea of how long you think you could handle it. Could you commit to a short period of time in it? Or would you like your cock to be controlled for a undetermined amount of time?

Are you wondering which locks to use for your device and what to do about the key?

Telling your Enchantrix Mistress how long you can endure being locked up will help her determine how to better plan your chastity adventures! Also, if you are under her care for a long time – you can both have fun figuring out when she will release you!

For more information on chastity play, where to buy one, or how to set up a session – contact the Mistresses of who are waiting to lock you up!

If you need help selecting an Enchantrix, or have questions about our service, please take advantage of our free Live Help service.