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Like to Be Called a Dirty Slut? - Our Enchantrixempire.com Poll Reveals How Many Love Humiliation!

Do you like to be called degrading names, have your name drug through the mud in such a way that you feel so flushed with eroticism and sheer humiliation? It seems you are not alone! When a poll on "Do You Like to Be Called Dirty, Degrading Names?" was posted at enchantrixempire.com, 45% said that, yes, they would love to be called dirty, degrading names. Only fourteen percent voted that they would rather not, and would rather their Mistress be sweet and sensual, while thirty-one percent said it is up to the Mistress on whether their submissive should be called dirty names.

What drives one to be turned on by being called dirty names? What is so erotic about hearing: “You are a dirty whore... you are a slut”, etc? It is quite possible because we are normally not called names like this on a daily basis, and it’s rather taboo. It also puts you in the mind space of feeling "dirty", of being in a whole other erotic plane and it jolts you in the moment of being under the control a Mistress who is making you realize what a "naughty, nasty boy" you really are!

So next time you pick up the phone to dial a Mistress - really think about whether you would like to be called dirty names, or not. Does it turn you on? If so, what would you want to be called? All of these questions answered leads to a very successful and satisfying phone call with the Mistress you choose, and explaining to her what you enjoy makes it fun and fulfilling for both of you!

So, dirty slut, make sure you pick up the phone and dial phonehumiliation.com for a humiliation phone sex call and get ready to be put through your paces!