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How to Ensure your Phone Sex Call Goes Smoothly

You are considering calling a phone sex entertainer, but you have never spoken to her before. You want to masturbate because you feel very turned on, but you want the call to go smoothly and accomplish what you set out to do: have an explosive orgasm. Read more about how to have a great first-time phone sex call.

The Mistress Inteviews: An Essay brought to you by Enchantrix/LDW Group

Enchantrix has an abundance of beautiful Mistresses, and there is so much to consider when trying to learn about a Mistress that you are wanting to connect with, or have a phone sex call with. Read more about the Mistress Interviews and how you can access them.

Are You Naturally Submissive?

Looking to expand your horizons into the world of dominance and submission, but not sure whether you'd enjoy being more submissive or more dominant? Read this essay on dominance and submission and then decide.

Why Confessional Phone Sex is Therapeutic

It is human nature to share our deepest secrets who those that we trust, and want to be intimate with. Sometimes, it is hard to find a person who won't judge, or simply won't understand. This is where phone sex comes in - it is therapy, and erotic, and likened to a woman having a full spa treatment, except you are a guy who is going in for "the works". What is the best way to "let go" of your deepest confessions on a phone sex call?

Like to Be Called a Dirty Slut? Our Poll Reveals How Many Love Humiliation!

Do you like to be called degrading names, have your name drug through the mud in such a way that you feel so flushed with eroticism and sheer humiliation? It seems you are not alone! Read the results of our Enchantrix Empire poll "Do you like to be called dirty, degrading names?".

Making Breasts the Focus During Sex

Are you breast-obsessed? Can you not get enough of them? Want to make breasts the focus of your next phone sex call, or even in sex itself? Read more about focusing on breasts during phone sex.


What Can You Do With Bondage Tape?

Do you know what bondage tape is? What could you do with it? How? And what for? The possibilities are limitless! If you are into bondage and love BDSM play, bondage tape is worth looking into as it's inexpensive and versatile. Read more about the uses for bondage tape.

How Long Can You Be in Chastity?

A poll was surveyed at on how long guys could endure penis chastity, given the fact they could actually wear a chastity cage in the first place. Chastity is quite a commitment in cock control, and some are able to commit to it for various times. Where do you fit in? Read the results of the "How long can you endure chastity?" poll.

The Benefits of Choosing a Long Term Phone Sex Girl

Phone sex is therapeutic, an escape from the everyday doldrums of work and whatever ails you. If you have specific fantasies, or preferences in your phone sex conversations that take some explanation, or you have certain personalties you are attracted to—it could take time. Read more about choosing the right phone sex lady for you.

Giving Good Phone Sex

You have thought of dialing a phone sex line for awhile, and you have finally worked up the courage to call—so now what? What on earth do you talk about on phone sex calls? Well, sex of course! But, you might be shy or not sure how to start the conversation. You can leave it to our phone sex experts who can coax it out of you, or you can keep reading to make your conversation with your phone sex girl flow well! Read more about giving good phone sex.