Sexual Role Play Calls


You’ve heard a lot about general role play and even played a few role play games in college. You know that it can be used in the sexual arena.  And you know, indeed, you would enjoy a role play phone sex session.  But you don’t really know how to go about setting it up. The use of role playing games is one of the best ways to enjoy a phone sex session. It is true that the more prepared you are before you call, the better the experience will be for you. So where do you start? Here are some suggestions to get the most out of your role playing session. I’m sure there are other ways to do this, but these tips will give you a place to begin.

Role play games usually, if not always, involve an erotic story of some sort that is to be acted out. So, you need to start with the story. It can be one you’ve made up or the storyline of your favorite book or movie. How you role play is up to you. Some guys enjoy the employee/supervisor role play, or professor/student and other such scenarios. It all depends on what you find enjoyable and how you want to experience your phone sex call. If you’ve had a particularly erotic encounter in your life that you want to experience again, that can be turned into a role play call. There really is no limit.


Details Are Important


Then decide how much control you want to have over the events and outcome of the story. By this I mean do you want to have every detail thought out, to the extent you send the Mistress a script to read a week before the call? Or do you just want to call her and give her a basic idea and let her fill in the blanks? Make sure you know the answer to this, because if you really want control, but don’t convey this to your Mistress, the call may not be as fulfilling as it could have been.

Let’s say that you have decided that you’re going to do a role playing phone sex call.   You’ve never chatted with this Mistress, but you’ve heard that she is one of the most popular role players around. You have a sexy fantasy that you have wanted to act out for years. It’s based on a scene you once saw in a movie years ago. Even though you prefer things to stay on the sensual side, you really want to add an element of erotic humiliation to the scene.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

You can relay the  details of your fantasy to the Mistress in one of three ways. You can call her and explain and then do the fantasy.  Secondly, you can call her and explain the fantasy and then call her again at a later date.  Or, alternatively, you can email her the details and set up an appointment with her. The first would be a good choice if spontaneity means a lot to you and your fantasy is fairly straightforward. But, if you can bear to wait for an appointment, I suggest that you email the Mistress with your detailed fantasy and notes on how you want the call to go and wait.  This option gets you the most personalized, and best phone sex call possible.


Just Your Imagination


So, if you’re dying to play out the scene where you seduce your college freshman English teacher on her desk in front of your classmates, sexual role play is for you. My favorite RP caller was a guy who wanted to be Bond and have his most recent conquest lying in his bed. It was fun because it’s not every day I get to imagine I’m a Bond girl. There was another very imaginative guy who loved space travel, so he wanted to role play being on a space ship and having sex at zero gravity. That was great fun.

The key to any good role playing phone sex call is imagination. If you want to have an RP fantasy call, but you would rather have the Mistress surprise you, then I suggest you email your favorite lady with some ideas and make an appointment. This type of role playing adds an element of surprise and voyeurism, like you’re in someone else’s fantasy. I hope that I have piqued your interest so that you will try a role play phone sex session. Think of the sexual fantasy that you most want to talk about, or experience.  And then call and tell us about it.


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