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You and I both know that human beings are animals, just like all the other species that roam the earth. Like them, we respond to our inborn impulses and instincts, for self-preservation, to sate hunger and thirst, to be warm, to have shelter . . . and to rut.

But you and I also acknowledge that we rule the animal kingdom because of the gift of reason, the ability to reflect on all of the same impulses that connect us to the "beasts".

Isn't it a privilege to be able to indulge both aspects of ourselves, both the elevated and the base? To ponder the mixture, to explore it, to toy with letting our minds and our conversations list further to one side than the other from time to time? Knowing that our reason can enrich our indulgence of the part of us that still howls?

Toeing the line that separates one from the other, becoming familiar with both, appreciating each side for the unique enjoyment they provide, has been of lifelong interest to Me. I hope that you and I will get the chance to employ this privilege together in our private conversations. You will find Me comfortable talking about literature, art, religion, food and wine, history . . . as well as some of the darker callings of our wild nature.

Come explore both sides with me. Let's exalt in the intelligent animals we are, let ourselves be taken by both the higher man and the beast.