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And now for something completely different.

The art of erotica is interactive in nature. So let's create a merry little microcosm of madcap escapades . . . just a little haven in the ethers that exists only for you and me.

Passion and seduction are an integral part of what helps make life worth all the hardship and struggle. I think it's fun to dance with the darkness, as this is where seduction and sensuality play and thrive . . . as long as it's with consenting adults with the intention of harming no one, no shame should be felt or worried about.

I love to drink in the very nectar of life. I've had an interesting trajectory thus far. I've belly danced with boa constrictors, sung at Peruvian flower festivals, howled at the moon, slept under the night's canopy, dabbled in doodles, loved and lost, lived in between the lines, climbed trees, and am happiest in or near the sea, feeling the salty air in my hair and sand betwixt my toes.

Music is my personal brand of spirituality. It's art with wings. I greatly prefer the nightscape of twinkling stars than those of celebrities' lurid sheen shoved in our faces by the media. Laughter is one of my favorite aphrodisiacs and I know I could never be boxed in a cubicle all day. The status-quo is of no interest to me. We are all nature's children and are meant to run wild and free after all. Don't ever let yourself be trapped into being completely tamed by society. Care to join me? I'm just a call away. Let's explore!