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48 Flavors, 64 Crayola crayons. Our lives are filled with multiple choices for the same genre.

Why then are many cultures so opposed to sexual variations? When we are little, are we not encouraged to dream, to imagine, in other words, to fantasize about all sorts of things? Then why are some fantasies frowned upon? Since very early in my life, these contradictions intrigued to me. I find it fascinating to delve into the male mind, to explore and discover his unique, erotic predilections.

Sexual variation and fantasy can be a healthy and rewarding part of your life. Like everything else in our lives, balance is key. Often we are most hesitant to be vulnerable and open up to the ones we are closest to in our lives. This, too, seems an odd contradiction. Isn't it our lovers, who are traditionally the ones we are most intimate with, that should know us best?

Yes, we are curious creatures indeed.

So, what are we to do when we have these desires, these fantasies that might be just a bit out of the mainstream? Can you just push them out of your mind? Suppression can lead to undesirable results. Why would you want suppress them anyway? Why not accept them for what they are; the erotic musings of our minds. Enjoy them, play with them in your mind. Some desire to share their erotic thoughts, to find a place to safely and discreetly explore them.

What is it that you think about when you think your naughtiest thoughts? I truly want to know. I have an open mind, I'm quick witted, and have been told I'm very naughty. Why don't we play with our largest sexual organ: our minds. While we are at it, we might just invite other body parts to join the fun!

Let's allow ourselves to be free of societal restraints, to share and explore. Come out, play with me.