What Is a Masturbatrix?


Come on, stroker.  Be honest with me and yourself. You love to masturbate. If you even think about your cock, or having sex, you are instantly hard. You love the way it feels to stroke.  And all those erotic fantasies you play, over and over in your head while you are stroking, get you so excited. You love every action involved.  From getting out your favorite lube, to picking a spot, to the moment you are close and cumming.  All the way to the slowing of your breathing after you come, you love it.

You look around our sites for new stroking games or call the Phone Sex Mistresses to play “Pass the Penis.” You’ve been hanging out with us for some time now and you’re really curious about something. You’ve seen the word “masturbatrix” several times and you can kind of guess what it might mean.  But you would like a definition, so you know for sure. You love to stroke and it sounds like something that you would want.

Well, this one is easy and fun. Basically, a masturbatrix is a Mistress who knows just what to say to make you really hot and bothered.  And then begins to tell you the best ways to stroke. They are experts in edging and teasing you into an explosive orgasm. This special kind of Mistress won’t deny you an orgasm…unless you want her to, of course. *giggle* She specializes in all kinds of stroking instruction and techniques!


Make It Last


The masturbatrix knows techniques and will guide and tell you how to prolong your stroking, so you don’t cum right away. We all know how much better it is to wait, how much sweeter…right? So, stroking with her is always better than doing it alone! She knows what will make you, the constant stroker, get more than you ever imagined you could from playing with that cock. Your masturbatrix won’t let you go too fast and she’ll tease you just enough to keep that cock of yours interested.

She might tell you to go slower or faster, then stop for a minute just to drive you wild. A masturbatrix knows how to take you to the edge, and then bring you back, so that you can stroke longer. She could encourage you to stroke fast and then demand you stop altogether. She’ll laugh and say, “Oh no, you can’t touch your aching, throbbing cock.” Your masturbatrix may go on and on so that you begin to think she will never let you have an orgasm. Don’t worry, though, a masturbatrix will let you release. She just knows that the longer you prolong your stroking, the stronger the orgasm will be.

Role Playing Fun


If you feel like a role play stroking session, a masturbatrix is always game for erotic storytelling fantasies. She is an expert at becoming the nameless girl in your college chemistry class. You remember her. In the class where she sat on that stool, in that tiny denim mini skirt or those white short shorts. She had incredibly long, tanned legs and hair so black it had blue highlights in the sun.

Her ass on that stool was too much to take. She was so hot and sexy and beyond your league. You always had to make sure you had your book, so you could cover the huge boner you had when you left class. This Phone Sex Mistress could also act out your fantasies about your sexy secretary. Or the MILF next door you think about fucking every time she‘s out in her yard. If this is what makes you want to reach for your cock, she’s ready and willing to play out your fantasy with you.


Masturbate For Me


Maybe it is simply the Mistress herself you want… that can be arranged. If you ask nicely and she chooses to play along. Remember,  a masturbatrix is a mistress and therefore she is always in control of your cock. That said, she is still lots of fun and wants to have a good time with you and that hard prick. She might tease you.  In fact, I can almost promise you she will.

Maybe she’ll even let you think that she will tell you what she is or isn’t wearing under her clothes.  Or, if you are especially hopeful, that she will show you what color her panties are! You never know…She might! *giggle* Or maybe not! Either way you’ll have fun masturbating for her and following her detailed instructions. That’s what you need after all, really. Someone to guide you better than you can do it for yourself. An amazing stroking session is possible with every single one of the Mistresses here at LDW.  We are all specialists in stroking. And you’ll be teased and edged to the point of a fantastic orgasm.


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