Are You a Submissive Alpha Male?

by Mistress Daphne of


Are you a submissive alpha male? Indeed, what does that even mean?

Alpha Male: What is That?

Alpha comes from the Greek with “alpha” being the first letter of their alphabet (see the connection to our own language?). The second letter in the Greek alphabet is “beta.” Perhaps you have heard of both alpha and beta males?

An alpha male takes charge. He takes charge in business and in his personal life. He is the man who walks with long strides and is sure-footed in decision-making whether it is in the boardroom or in the bedroom. The alpha male is a leader. He is someone with a lot of creative ideas and implements them, making his life a success and his family proud.

Another part of an alpha male’s life, that comes with all of those things mentioned above, is carrying all of those roles and jobs. Being an alpha male can mean shouldering a heavy load he rarely gets to put down.

More on that in a moment.

Submissive Male

A submissive, or beta male, is one who is a follower, not a leader. He is the guy who stands off to the side or in the back of the room, letting others lead the way. They can be shy or merely the quiet type. It is not unusual for a beta male to marry a strong female partner. The submissive male does not have to carry the bulk of the loads in life. Rather they are ancillary, making good support staff.

Submissives want to serve. They crave serving and taking care of others, especially serving dominant women. Sure, there are submissive males who want to serve a dominant male, but that is less common. Submissives are also obedient folks. They listen to authority and do what they are told to do without question.

Combining the 2: Submissive Alpha Male

Now that you have a better idea of what the alpha male and the submissive male are, what would a submissive alpha male be? Let me describe a typical (and who is ever “typical?”) submissive alpha male.

Take that high-powered executive or even someone as fantastic as a mechanic who owns his own repair shop.  Certainly, if you are In-Charge, you are an alpha male. Even so, the burden can be great on your psyche. How do you blow off steam?

In the Hands of a Mistress

A great way for many folks to be a submissive alpha male is to do it for a dominant Mistress. A Mistress can take you alpha males and shape you into the submissive you want (or need) to be. You do want to be a submissive alpha male, right?

When acknowledging and embracing your submissive status as an alpha male, you might feel an enormous sense of relief letting go of the pressures and worries in your life. It is not uncommon for doctors, lawyers, and CEOs to reach out for that submissive experience. Any time an alpha male can be freed of their responsibilities, especially if they are matters of life and death, it can be healing and a mini-vacation that rejuvenates them. 

Sometimes that mini-vacation is during a 10-minute phone call or  spending time Skyping with a Mistress as she directs your behavior. We Mistresses are creative in connecting you alpha males with your submissive sides.

Ways to Serve a Dominant Woman

A submissive alpha male has an advantage over a submissive without the alpha male aspects because he can think ahead to how he would like to be treated, himself, if he was being served. Here are some ideas for all submissives to consider, including the submissive alpha male.

  • Anticipate your Dominant’s needs
  • Lay out her clothes in the morning
  • Bring her coffee before she has to ask for it
  • When she comes home from work, make her a bath
  • Make dinner or take her out to dinner, even if it is somewhere very inexpensive. A picnic on the living room floor can be fantastic
  • Read her a book
  • Give her a book or music subscription she has been talking about (flowers are cliché and everyone does that – you have to be original!)

Submissive Alpha Males, Talk to Me!

What other ideas do you have for serving your Mistress? I want to hear from you. 

So do all the other submissive alpha males. Talk to me!