Choosing the Right Mistress


You know you want to try phone sex, but aren’t sure how to choose the right Mistress.  Let us help you.

Phone sex is therapeutic, an escape from the everyday doldrums of work and whatever ails you. If you have specific fantasies, or preferences for your phone sex conversations that take some explanation, or you have certain personalties or types of voices you are attracted to – it could take time in choosing the right phone sex mistress for you.


Ways to Help You Decide the Right Mistress to Call


So how do you choose the right mistress for you? Take some time to peruse her blog, her profile and her gallery of pictures. You can also chat with her through instant message to get a feel for her personality and how she responds to the questions you ask.

You can also sample her voice through the voice sample on her profile, or go to and look for her audios. If you are having a hard time finding her voice sample, ask her where you might find them. She also may host a kinky adult chat or a cock radio show – so be sure to ask what she’s involved in and you can get to know her even better.

Of course, if time is short, or if it seems a bit overwhelming trying to decide, you can always chat with our live help cock conceirge, who would be happy to help you find just the right Mistress. You can also request an online Mistress Recommendation.


The Benefit of Having a Long Term Phone Sex Mistress


One of the benefits of having a long term phone sex mistress is that she knows your kinks and fetishes.  She knows you love to hear certain words.  Or how you enjoy certain things, such as role play, tease and denial, feminization.

Over time, you will become even more comfortable with her.  That acquired trust might even enable you to participate in new, never-before-explored fantasies. For example, such as playing with toys, or other kinks you may be curious about.

Here at Enchantrix, we help you explore phone sex therapy.  Use phone sex as your means of escaping into the fantasy you choose.  Play and share together with us in an erotic way.

If you need help selecting an Enchantrix, or have questions about our services, please take advantage of our free Live Help assistance by clicking the chat window at the bottom of this page.