Do You Have a Breast Obsession?


Do you have a breast obsession? Breasts are a huge focus for men and women alike. We love the boobies just as much as you do. Both ours and yours and we are happy to make them the focus during a phone sex session.

After all, I can’t think of one Enchantrix with amazing breasts (and we all have them) who doesn’t want another reason to touch them and talk about them.

So, do you ever wonder – Are you breast-obsessed? It’s pretty easy to tell if you are. Here are a few simple questions you can answer off the top of your head. Do you close your eyes and picture them? Do you think about them all the time? Can you not get enough of them?

If you are sitting there nodding your head, then I bet you would love to make breasts the focus of your next phone sex session. We do all love to talk about our fantasies and you are in luck. Women love to have their breasts played with.

So, read on to find out how you can make the lady in your life, even if it’s just your phone sex life, get very turned on. Just by focusing your attention on her breasts alone!


You Want To Touch Them and We Want It, Too


There are various sites dedicated to helping men see what they really should be doing to please a woman. One of those is  They have their very own “Sex Professor.” He (maybe it’s a she – wouldn’t that be perfect?!) writes for them and noted that men should focus more on the breasts.  And, further, that women crave to have more stimulation done to their breasts!

Like we need a Professor of Sex to tell us that! All you need to do is talk to your Mistress and she will let you know how much she loves it when you play with her breasts. Still nervous? Don’t be! You need to be brave! Go for it! Even on a phone sex call, you can always have the lady touch her own breasts to make her go into a mind-blowing orgasm. You do want to please your Mistress, don’t you?

Well, this is one way to make that happen. You know how you always feel like your cock is taking all the attention away from you balls? You like those played with, too.  But they often get neglected. Well, so do our breasts!

During the act of sex or masturbation, mutual or alone, you need to reach out or ask her to reach up and fondle her breasts. If you are making love to her it should be your hands and mouth doing all the work.  Or, during phone sex, have her touch her own breasts as she plays with her clitoris.


What Do We Like Best?


Now that you know women love it when you play with their breasts, and get as turned on by it as you do, you are wondering just what they like best! Well, I can tell you that without any hesitation. Just about EVERYTHING. If you are using your mouth, then start out licking her nipples and maybe even suckling on them and biting – LIGHTLY!!!.

Then bring your hands into it. We don’t like just one thing happening, we want it all. Women are great at multitasking and expect you to be, too. So, reach out and play with every part of her breast. It’s not just the nipples that need attention.  Even the sides and tops are exciting for us. And if you can stimulate the sensitive spots on the top, sides and underneath, well we might not even need to play with our clitoris.  We might get off right then and there.

More Erotic

Also, if you want to make things a little more erotic, you can always break out the massage oil and use it on her breasts.  Likewise, have your favorite phone sex Mistress drip some oil on hers to make her experience with you erotic! Warm oil is better than cold, but not too warm. After all, we will already be hot and excited and so will you.

So, now that you know we like it and you know what we like best, you can feel confident putting these words into action. Try some breast phone sex on some of our ladies.

She will love to hear you ask, “Do you like to play with your breasts during masturbation?” Who knows, you might even be the first to ask, and chances are she will jump at the opportunity!

You can choose a phone sex play mate at today!