Interview With a Role Play Mistress



Femdom Mistresses specialize in all different kinds of things. They each have a fetish they love most of all.  Some say they do or don’t do some specific fetishes very well. This honesty is wonderful, since we love to know that you are enjoying each and every session as much as we are.  Of course, anything that helps make it enjoyable for us men is great. With this in mind, I began looking for a role play Mistress.

Indeed, the thing I love is when a Mistress tells me role playing is her favorite thing to do. It lets me know she is up for almost anything. She considers herself able to handle any kind of fetish that might come her way. This makes me feel like she is similar to me in her love of variety and fun. She’s creative and exciting. That lets me know she is willing to step outside of the normal stroke and count session to really turn me on.

Luckily, a role play Mistress who loves Role Play agreed to answer some questions for me.  She offered to help me show you just how much fun she can be.

1. When Did You Realize You Were a Role Play Mistress?

It seems as though I have loved role play fantasies my whole life. I liked to pretend when I was young. Performing in front of my mirror, I would often imagine myself as a famous singer or dancer. Then I moved on to fantasies about futures with rock stars and movie stars. My friends and I acted these things out together.

Soon, I was in drama and writing clubs. In college, I realized the guys in these clubs were enjoying it every bit as much, if not more, than I was. One night, I was talking to one of the guys and he told me about this professor and an afterhours role play game he did at his house. He mentioned that last week, they played someone being a sissy cuckold! Intrigued, I went and found it to be sexy and naughty and exciting.

I soon took on the role of a Femdom Mistress. It was great controlling men in various fantasy scenarios. Enjoying every moment of it, I moved on from games to erotica without missing a beat. That was when I knew a role play fantasy could include every fetish and fantasy from the tame to the wild.

2. What Is Your Favorite Role Play? And What Is Your Least Favorite?

This is a difficult question to answer. Since I adore all role play, I hate to say one or the other is my favorite. This could change at any moment. But I will admit to loving the strange and unusual. Sissy role playing is fun. So are being a strapon Mistress stories. The more creative you are, the more extreme and creative I get to be. That makes everything better. Not that a sexy secretary, or even better, a hot boss, isn’t fun and exciting. It is. But if I get to imagine another world or be back in time in a castle or a gypsy dancer luring men to her tent to be her captives, that is immense amounts of fun!

Now, as far as my least favorite, I can’t possibly pick one that I don’t love. There are some things I feel I do better than others. That would lead to saying someone might enjoy certain sessions with me more than others. But really it’s all about chemistry. Maybe that will be my answer. The role play sessions I like the least are those which are strained. When we don’t quite click, it can be difficult to really enjoy any role play fantasy session for either me or for you. So, that is my least favorite, when I know we aren’t clicking.

3. Do You Choose the Role Play Or Play Along?

Being a Mistress we all know that I love to be in control of the scenario, and the cock. Cock control can have a hefty role in our game. Playing along sounds a bit like me following you and, honestly, I’m not in love with that particular idea.

However, it is more fun for me, and subsequently, I think for you, if we develop the session and role play together. A role play fantasy requires creativity and trust. No one wants to just bow down and let someone else tell them the story. Then it’s not a game or an erotic adventure. That’s more like story time. Sexy storytelling isn’t role playing. That’s not for me. It’s about you joining in and telling the story along with me.

I don’t want to be in a fantasy where you dictate everything and I certainly don’t want you to sit silently and wait to be entertained. I would say I like a combination of the two.

Come flex your creative muscles with me and we’ll have an erotic adventure as real as any you can imagine.

Looking for a Role Playing Mistress?

Here she is!