The Mistress Interviews


LDW has an abundance of beautiful Mistresses. Still, there is much to consider before connecting with a Mistress, or having a phone sex call with her. For this reason, the place to go is where you can listen to a Mistress being interviewed every week by our very own Mistress Tia!


Where Can I Find the Mistress Interviews Live?


To begin with, go to and register for free. After you have done so, do a search for Provocatalk Mistress Interviews to find the show. It airs live every Tuesday evening at 8 pm Eastern time.  Each week you can hear a lovely lady and learn all about her.

As a matter of fact, you can even participate in the chat room at during the live show and ask her questions.  By all means, call in and talk to Mistress Tia and the Mistress guest of the week!


What If I Miss the Live Show?


Not to worry! You can always download the show right on the talkshoe site, or you can listen to it right on Either way, you can never miss an episode with the most fascinating and sexy Erotic Mistresses online!

So, if you have been searching for that right Mistress with the perfect voice and attitude that specializes in your fetish – come to the Mistress Interviews, relax, and listen in. Chances are, you will find the Mistress you have always been looking for.  Or, you can get to know all the ladies of our erotic enchantrix empire!

If you need help selecting just the right Enchantrix Mistress for you, or have questions about our service, please take advantage of our free Live Help service.