Which Chastity Device Locks Should You Use?


You finally broke down and purchased a chastity device, and you have a Mistress who is going to take control – so what kind of locks can you buy so you can honestly report to your Mistress you are still in chastity, and you feel secure in knowing you don’t have to mail the keys to her?

Here at Enchantrix, we don’t want to be held responsible for your keys in case they get lost in the mail. We woul’d rather concentrate on getting you into a chastity device that is functional and comfortable (as comfortable as being locked up can be, that is) so you are able to stay in it for long-term chastity, if that’s what your Mistress wants. So, what to do? What is the solution?


Numbered Locks, of course!


Numbered locks are a great way for you to be secure in your chastity device and gives your Mistress the knowledge of knowing you haven’t been sneeking out of your device! How? Each lock is individually numbered and when you lock up, you give her the number.

You can snap a photo and send it to her, or you can show her on webcam. Either way, she can feel confident in knowing your cock is still stowed safely away in it’s device and she can ask you anytime to send a photo with the numbers still on the lock.

Each time you have to get out of the chastity device to clean up, or as your Mistress instructs you to, masturbate to the edge of orgasm and stop, tease and deny; whatever your Mistress instructs. When finished, you can replace the lock and then you are back in chastity with a new number to report to your Mistress.


Happily Locked Away in Chastity!


There you have it! No lost keys (as exciting and terrifying as that sounds to those more extreme chastity guys) and your Enchantrix Mistress can still have confidence that you are actually following her instructions! Lock up boys! Every man should experience orgasm denial and chastity at least once in their lives.

Most find, much to their surprise, that they actually enjoy the experience of turning over control of their cock and their ograsms to someone else. Call one of our Cock Control Mistresses to tease and deny you and lock you in chastity!


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