Anal Sex With Another Man


A man’s interest in anal sex usually begins when he starts incorporating anal play into masturbation. From there, it gradually escalates. Once he’s able to take a finger or two into his ass, he starts using toys. Once toys are comfortable, he becomes interested in playing with a strap on Femdom. After strap on play becomes old hat, he starts craving…more.


His Mistress, perceiving his need for something different, starts changing the way they play together. She begins using her strap on as more than just a toy for fun. It becomes a strap on training tool, a way to ease him into something completely new. Rather than just bending over for fucking, he kneels to suck her strap on. She begins teaching him how to suck cock. At first, he’s curious about this new turn of events.


Suddenly, everything changes. His Mistress brings a friend of hers into the playroom one night, and her submissive realizes exactly what she’s been preparing him for…coerced cocksucking!


To start with, learning to be a better cocksucker is a challenge. There’s a learning curve there. He works as hard as he can to become the best cocksucker he can possibly be. Before long, there’s hardly even a “coerced” element to the whole thing at all. He loves sucking cock for Mistress.


What, then, can possibly come next?


Cocksucking Leads To Something Else


There’s actually a whole other dimension of coerced bi that is not talked about nearly as much as the cocksucking aspect. While most coerced bi fantasies are just masturbation material, sometimes those fantasies go further. For some reason, many men want to suck dick, but they never go any further than that. The truly daring, however, get to try out anal sex.

Men whose Mistresses fuck them with strap ons may think there’s really not a whole lot of difference between a strap on and a real cock. That can’t be more untrue! These men should think of the way a strap on feels in their mouths.  And then, think of the way a real cock feels. Completely different, isn’t it? The same holds true for ass-fucking, just as it does for cocksucking.


A Femdom Mistress who is worth her salt will work hard to prepare her slave for his first time being fucked by a man through thorough anal training.  As mentioned before, a strap on fucking and one performed with a real cock are two completely different things. For example, a Mistress who has her slave’s best interests in mind will be sure to provide condoms to the man fucking her slave, so that the two of them can have safer sex.


Leading up to the event itself, his Mistress will most likely determine the best way for her submissive to have anal sex and so forth. There will be plenty of training and conditioning beforehand!


The Ultimate In Coerced Bi


When the big day finally arrives, the slave will probably be (understandably) nervous. It’ll be up to his Mistress to help him relax. If she has already established a routine in advance, it will work out much better, as he will have something to fall back on automatically if he freezes up mentally.


After the slave has sucked his Top’s cock to get it nice and hard and after his Mistress has made sure that all possible precautions regarding safety have been taken, then there’s really only one thing left to do. It’s time for the slave to get up on all fours or lie on his back and get ready to take a big cock inside his tight hole!

If he has completed preparations in advance, as he did when preparing for his first strap on session, there should be little or no pain. There will only be that incredible, filled-to-the-brim feeling provided by a real, flesh-and-blood cock, instead of the usual synthetic one.


Additionally, this sort of seduced bi scenario allows the slave to relax more than cocksucking usually does. He can’t just lie there and think of England, of course, but he’s allowed to be a bit more passive when being the one getting fucked than when being the one doing the sucking. He won’t even have to worry about where the cum should go because his Top will be filling up the condom!


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