Types Of Masturbation


Touch, in general, is a very powerful thing for people. For example, a simple touch can signify acceptance, whereas the avoidance of touch often signals rejection. We use our hands to embrace one another. An embrace often implies fondness, caring, interest, or even love. We all use our hands to communicate. Our hands are involved in our work and our play. We can use our hands to relax our partners with a delicate, sensual massage. Hands can manipulate, shape, and form. Our hands are for holding. Hands give, and hands take away.


People do not realize how powerful our hands are. This is doubly true when it comes to guided masturbation. In this essay, I’m going to explore the different types of touch a man can provide with his hands while masturbating. Let’s explore some of the different types of masturbation you can enjoy.


Touching Yourself Is Good; Touching Yourself For a Mistress Is Better


The Hand Job 


Obviously, hands were meant for hand jobs. Both female and male hands can engage in such tasks. There are a number of positions, poses, and techniques that have become known as “typical” in hand job pictures and video sequences. There are different attitudes and methods as well. I’ve listed some of these below for your edification.


The Pump Action


This is the very basic hand job during masturbation. This is the standard technique that you may have seen in various sexy scenes that feature handjobs. The pump action hand job is the very basic motion for any other variations. This is a very simple stroking technique to master. You simply start by wrapping your fingers around the shaft of the penis and follow through by simply pushing the skin up and down the shaft to the direction of your guided masturbation mistress. Increase and decrease both tempo and intensity as your femdom commands.


The Double-Fisted Pump Action


This is a variation of the regular pump action and works in very much the same way. In this technique, you use both hands, rather than just one, by placing one fist on top of the other to operate them in tandem with one another. The tempo and intensity of the motions are, of course, in the hands of your guided masturbation mistress.


The Up–Thrust


This technique focuses primarily on the balls during masturbation. This works much as the name implies. The balls are “palmed,” with four fingers on the underside and the thumb on top of the balls. Once the balls are cradled in such a way, they are then pushed upwards quickly, creating a flourish of both slight pain and intense pleasure. The free hand could then be engaged in the pump action as your guided masturbation mistress whispers into your ear.


Your Masturbatrix Will Lead You To Intense Pleasure With These Techniques


The Tease


This is yet another variation of the pump action technique. In this method, you will need a cup of ice and a heating pad. You will start by wrapping your cock in the heating pad, which should be turned to its lowest setting. Next, use the pump action technique, very lightly, until your cock is nice and toasty. Then, your Mistress will instruct you to stroke your cock for a few moments, without the heat, before guiding you to tease various sensitive places on your cock and balls with the ice. This will intensify the sensations, and you will hardly be able to hold back your orgasm!


The Straddle Pump


This is a much more sophisticated pose that will require both dexterity and balance. This will also incorporate the standard pump action. In this method, you will lie between a set of chairs set up in a row on either side of you. As you lie, half-hanging between the rows, Mistress will tell you how to stroke. The change in your usual position will create lots of new sensations when your Masturbatrix says, “Stroke for me!”


Old Faithful


This is a very basic form of guided masturbation. The entire session is based on a means to an end.

There will be some tease and denial, but the basic idea is to keep the tempo and intensity of the pump action method steady. Your femdom Mistress will guide you to an explosive and intense orgasm without stopping.


These are just a few of the creative methods and types of masturbation that can be used in guided masturbation phone sex sessions. Your femdom mistress will have many other unique ideas for you during your specialized, guided masturbation session. Every jerk-off session is unique and special when you experience it under the guidance of a Masturbatrix.


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