Foot Fetishist’s Masturbation Fantasy

My pet, j., has a foot fetish. A massive foot fetish, in fact. He became my foot slave a couple of years ago, and, since then, we’ve enjoyed different fetish scenarios together. We do love a variety of masturbation fantasy role play scenarios .

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not just indulging his fetish. As a matter of fact, j. says that I’m the perfect Femdom Mistress for him simply because I don’t just cater to what he wants to shut him up. Or because I don’t know what else to do with him. I take charge of him and use him in whatever way pleases and benefits me. It just so happens that I like foot slaves because I love having my sexy feet pampered by a well-trained one.

j. has been trained very well. I would not accept a slave who was otherwise, which is why I am always the one who does all the training and continues it until I have produced an acceptable slave. I could never let someone else handle it for me. That goes against my very nature.

But, in trying to give you a little background, I find myself digressing. Let’s suffice it to say that j. is my very well-trained foot slave and leave it at that.


Foot Worship Session Turns Into Something Much More


Anyway, now that you know who we are, let me tell you about the wonderfully hot scene that transpired between us last night. It actually began as a typical foot worship session, but it progressed into something much more.

It began with j. giving me my weekly pedicure. I find it more economical (and much more enjoyable) to have my foot slave give me a pedicure than going to a nail salon. I’m also a little anal when it comes to cleanliness, so I prefer having my own instruments and clean them myself.

So last night, I’d settled in for j. to give me my pedicure. I was reading a new book he gave me and just appreciating the attention he was giving my feet. After he’d finished the pedicure, he waited for the polish on my toenails to dry, then he began his usual foot worship routine for the evening.

I was only half-paying attention to him because I’d become so engrossed in my book. (Turns out he’d made a good choice.) But I was sure his cock was hard because it usually is when he worships my feet.


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